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Friday, April 16, 2021

Sound Collages


David Stanley Aponte, Sub- #4844 (Remembering the Future II), collage on paper, 2021

I first explored and experimented sound in 1997 in Chicago, taking samples of waves of sound, tape loops, radio waves and field recordings to create an acousmatic sound pieces. These pieces would create an atmospheric space based the sounds created and the concept was based often on visual experience often inspired by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, films such as “Man with a Movie Camera”, “Haxan”, or “Passion of Joan of Arc”. There certainly is an influence from contemporary composers such as John Cage, John Oswald, Pauline Oliveros, and Terry Riley but I see these pieces more in the realms of a visual art experience dealing with the 4th dimension of time and space. I also intend these “Sound Collages” initiate a “Sub-real” experience and atmosphere for the participant. 

-David Stanley Aponte (aka Wheatboi Dave), Collective Brand Movement Studio, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 2010

David Stanley Aponte, Sub- #4842 (Man & Superman, Act III), collage on paper, 2021