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Saturday, September 16, 2017

On the Brink of a New Day

+++ Festive Death, live at Mable Peabody's, Denton Texas 17th August 2004 +++
(Robert Jaquez on keyboards & electronics pictured left, David Stanley Aponte on Korg MS2000 & tape manipulation pictured on right, Aaron Gonzalez on upright bass not in picture)

On the Brink of a New Day (Sub- #2161)

Fade in and out of realm upon realm in circles of silence...

The image of memories transcend upon each other dozens of times in infinite numbers descending into eternity. Experience upon experience to witness for lessons to be learned as to direct the spirits of 'YOU' to their destinations.

Crashes of thunder echo, after being conjured by elements into new realms which are entered. Fear and anxiousness drift away enabling the ability to explore new reaches which cannot be seen from your stationary current point.

At arrival to the alter planes the new landscapes that come before the viewer are more glamorous than imagined. They once were explored in your past, in dreams and perhaps dreams within dreams, but these dreams almost have been but forgotten so they can feel yet anew again.

David Stanley Aponte
Dallas Texas 2002

Eugène Berman, View in Perspective of a Perfect Sunset, oil on canvas, 1941, at Philadelphia Museum Of Art